GoTypeChart for iPhone

It’s the summer of 2016 and Pokemon Go has been out for a month. I’m standing in front of Roots Market taking down a red level 10 gym all by my lonesome. I see a bunch of Vaporeons, Exeggutors, and Slowbros, each several hundred CP above my Lapras.

Lately I started looking into Pokemon type advantages to make the most of my gym battles. Turns out it can get pretty complicated. Factor in stacking damage for dual-types, same-type attack bonus (STAB), the removal of immunity, and resistance to the opposing type — it’s a bit much to keep straight.

I decided to make an app that I would personally find useful. Something I can open briefly before a gym fight to remind me to use Rock against Scyther. And if someone else out there finds it useful too, that’s great.

I have some ideas for additional features, based on feedback from showing the prototype while running Pokestops. So stay tuned.

GoTypeChart for iPhone

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