What to use against Lapras?

TLDR: Try Kabutops with Stone Edge.


It’s tough to counter Snorlax and Lapras. But at least for Lapras, you have some options that give you a slight type advantage.


Kabutops has my favorite dual type of Rock/Water:

  • Water resists Ice, and almost all of Lapras’ move sets are Ice.
  • Rock is super effective against Ice, and Kabutops’ Rock move benefits from STAB

Stone Edge is one of the best charge moves, with a DPS of 25.8. This also gets a 1.25x bonus from STAB, and another 1.25x bonus from type effectiveness.

Pro tip: Against Charizard, Kabutops’ Stone Edge gets:

  • 1.25x STAB
  • 1.25x type bonus against Fire
  • 1.25x type bonus against Flying

And with the Rock/Water dual-type, Kabutops gets stacked resistance against Fire types.


Omastar is another Rock/Water dual type:

  • Water resists Ice
  • Can have two Rock moves that benefit from STAB and type bonus

The main downside to using Omastar is that its rock moves have low DPS.

Pro tip: Omastar’s ideal move set is Water Gun / Hydro Pump. And with stacked resistance against Fire, Omastar counters Arcanine better than Vaporeon.


You want to go with a pure electric move set (Spark/Discharge) for Magneton. This gives you both effectiveness and resistance.

  • Steel resists Ice
  • Electric is effective against Ice

A common misconception is to go for the slightly higher DPS Flash Cannon. I mean, Steel is good against Ice, right?

The problem is that Lapras is also Water type, so it washes out Steel’s effectiveness against Ice.

Pro tip: Magneton’s Spark/Discharge also works great against Gyarados.

Primeape, Machamp, Raichu


These three are situational, and they become better options if you come across a Lapras with Dragon Pulse.

What to use against Lapras?

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