What to use against Slowbro?

TLDR: Against Slowbro, use:

  • Parasect with Solar Beam
  • Exeggutor with Solar Beam (but swap in Raichu if you see Ice Beam)
  • Tangela

Slowbro is a surprisingly good defender. It has decent base stats, and high enough CP to put in a gym.

But Slowbro really shines when it comes to type defense.


Grass is your best counter to Water/Psychic:

  • There’s no Dark in this meta, so Dark moves lack STAB
  • Ghost (Gengar) has Poison as a second type, making it vulnerable to Psychic

Most Grass types are ruined by having Poison as a second type. This leaves you with:

  • Parasect
  • Exeggutor
  • Tangela


Slowbro has a defensive Ice move set. While it’s not Slowbro’s strongest move, it does neutralize the biggest threat: Exeggutor. If you see Ice Beam, you would swap out your Exeggutor with Raichu.

With Exeggutor being situational, Slowbro’s only real counters are whittled down to lower tier Grass types:

  • Tangela
  • Parasect


What to use against Slowbro?

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