What do I do with Pinsir?

TLDR: Pinsir is pretty useless. Do not dust.

After going over the numbers over and over again, I’m taking back my previous statements on Pinsir.

Previously, I said that Pinsir is:

  • Good against Exeggutor
  • Can be used situationally against Snorlax and Tauros

After fixing my math, my current recommendation is:

  • Pinsir is situational against Exeggutor (does ok against a pure Psychic move set)
  • Useless against Snorlax

Against these two, you’re better off using:

  • Vs Exeggutor: Butterfree / Parasect / Scyther
  • Vs Snorlax:
    • Vaporeon (brute force; remember to dodge the charge move)
    • Primeape (slight type advantage, but you’ll still lose)
    • Rhydon (slight type advantage b/c Rock resists normal. Situational — switch if you see Earthquake)
What do I do with Pinsir?

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