Appraisal Cheat Sheet

Recently, Pokemon Go gave us access to IV and stat information in-game. Helpful spreadsheets are available online for translating these in-game messages to number ranges.

Looking forward to Monday’s episode of PokemonGoRadio to hear their thoughts on this new appraisal system.

For now, check out this Trainer Tips video on YouTube for an explanation of how this spreadsheet works.

I have trouble keeping all these adjectives and number ranges in my head. So I decided to jam this spreadsheet into the GoTypeChart app.


I decided on using a Today Extension. This way, you can just swipe down from the top while keeping Pokemon Go open. Kind of like flipping back and forth on a legal notepad.

The first set of buttons lets you select your team, and the messages change accordingly.

Then you look for key words within that message (e.g. for “Your Eevie is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!” you would select “Wonder, breathtaking“.

The second set of buttons determines the IV percentile.

And the third set determines the highest stat, such as Attack, Defense, or HP (Stamina). The highest for each is 15, which reminds me of the MCAT.

The Appraisal Cheat Sheet requires iOS 9.3. Not because Today Extensions are anything new. It’s because I used a new API in order to get those segmented controls to show multiline text.

I’m pretty excited about having made my first Today Extension. But I’m also a little disappointed in discovering my Vaporeon’s IVs.

Appraisal Cheat Sheet

2 thoughts on “Appraisal Cheat Sheet

  1. Mark says:

    Isn’t the the top phrase for Valor blown away. That’s what all the websites I’ve seen have it listed as. Let’s hope I’m right because I’ve evaluated all my iv’s based on. Loan away being a 15


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