Pidgey Grinder Today Extension

The latest version of GoTypeChart (1.3.5 currently in review) comes with a lucky egg pidgey calculator Today Extension called Pidgey Grinder.


What’s up with all the Today Extensions?

A Today Extension in iOS is the menu you see when you pull down from the top of the screen. You can swipe between Today on the left, and Notifications on the right.

To install a Today Extension, just scroll to the bottom and tap Edit. You can then enable and rearrange your extensions.


I personally don’t use Today Extensions (except for the Momentum app).

But with Pokemon Go, Today Extensions are all of a sudden really useful for these reasons:

  • You don’t have to close Pokemon Go.
  • A lot of Pokemon Go companion apps do simple things like lookups and basic calculations, which are more suitable as widgets.

Do we really need another pidgey calculator?

Not really.

Assuming you transfer all your Pidgeottos, you need 10 candies for every Pidgey.

Here’s the math:

  1. Start with 12 candies.
  2. During evolution, you have 0 candies.
  3. After evolution, you get back 1 candy.
  4. You get 1 additional candy when you juice the Pidgeotto.

The math does start to get a little dicey though when you’re counting by 23’s, and you want to hang onto those Raticates for gym fodder.

Showing off icons

Another reason for making Pidgey Grinder was to show off some awesome icons created by These are the best Pokemon Go vectors I’ve seen, and I can’t wait until all 150 mons become available.


Pidgey Grinder Today Extension

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