Fight Fire with… Kabutops?

TLDR; You might be used to using Vaporeon against Fire types. But you can actually dominate them with Rock/Water dual types:

  • Omastar
  • Kabutops


Just like Vaporeon, Omastar’s ideal move set is:

  • Water Gun
  • Hydro Pump

And just like Vaporeon, Omastar is a Water type that resists Fire.

But, Omastar has a second resistance with Rock. So fire moves only do 0.64x damage.

This makes Omastar the best type counter to any Fire type.


Like Omastar, Kabutops is a Rock/Water dual type with stacked resistance to Fire.

Kabutops ideal move set is:

  • Mud Shot
  • Stone Edge

While Kabutops is not as awesome as Omastar against Fire types, Kabutops is a great type counter to Charizard.

  • 25.8: Stone Edge has impressive DPS
  • 1.25x: Stone Edge benefits from STAB
  • 1.25x: Rock does bonus type damage against Fire
  • 1.25x: Rock also does bonus type damage against Flying

When you combine all the damage and resistance bonuses, you end up with one of the best type advantages in the game.

Technically, Golem has two Rock moves and has an even stronger type advantage against Charizard. But I prefer Kabutops because it works well against all Fire types (and Lapras too!).


Fight Fire with… Kabutops?

6 thoughts on “Fight Fire with… Kabutops?

  1. Nismoto says:

    Where I am, I don’t get to see Kabuto very often and I’ve only ever hatched one once. So, I was super excited when it was time to evolve, but I got Water Pulse instead.

    One another note, I was checking a couple of Nidorinos I have in GoTypeChart and noticed that Poison Jab and Bite are listed as Quick Moves. However, my Nidorinos have Poison Sting and Poison Stab as Quick Moves.

    Also, Hitmonchan is missing the Brick Break Charge Move.

    Once again, thanks for all your work on the apps and this blog: much appreciated.


    1. Sorry to hear about Water Pulse. I don’t even have a Kabutops myself, but I’ve been eating at a certain deli every day just to catch Kabuto.
      As for move sets, I’m probably using an incorrect or out of date source. I’ll validate them against Silph Road this weekend. Thanks again for pointing this out!


    1. Omanyte is a mistake on my part. The app recommendations were hard-coded, and therefore error prone.

      I uploaded an update which is pending review. This version calculates the type advantage difference based on:
      • Attacker move set
      • Defender move set
      • Type effectiveness
      • Type resistance

      So, Kabutops’ Mud Shot / Stone Edge move set would score a “32.1” against Charizard’s Wing Attack / Fire Blast move set.

      I’m actually working on a subsequent update as we speak. This will list out the best uses for a given move set.
      E.g. for a Kabutops with Mud Shot and Water Pulse, my code so far says to use it against:
      20.0: Flareon
      17.8: Ninetales
      15.9: Magmar
      14.4: Arcanine
      13.5: Charizard
      12.7: Rapidash

      So “20.0” is the Kabutops’ mud shot / water gun move-set’s type advantage against Flareon (averaged over all Flareon’s move combos).

      You bring up a good point about better stats though. My calculations don’t factor in base stats, EPS, or give any mathematical weight to charge vs. quick moves. This is something I need to research more.

      Sorry for the long-winded reply!


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