Putting together a late-game roster for the current meta

TLDR; Building toward a late game roster for taking down gym leaders in the current meta (look at the picture)


There are roughly 20 different Pokemon that tend to dominate gyms in my area. Some are super common, like Dragonite, Vaporeon, and Snorlax. Others are seldom, like Charizard, or theoretical (using Raichu instead of Jolteon).

In the chart above, my ideal roster would be the Pokemon with move-sets at the top. These Pokemon were selected based on:

  • Best combination of type effectiveness and resistance against most gym leader move-sets
  • Strong base stats
  • Utility (move-sets with decent results in multiple situations were chosen over move-sets that only countered just a single combo)

Strange move combinations

Slowbro, Nidoking, and Nidoqueen are tricky to counter. Their move-sets include at least one type outside their species dual-type. And the type counters you would use differ between move-set combinations.

For Slowbro, just use Exeggutor. Just get ready to swap out Raichu if you see Ice Beam.

For Nidoking and Nidoqueen, try Sandslash. Think of Sandslash as Ground vs Poison (since Ground vs Ground cancels itself out).

What to do with Snorlax

Trainer Tips Nick has a great episode on countering Snorlax.

Basically, Snorlax is one of the best defenders because it’s fairly immune to type advantages. Zen Headbutt (Psychic) cancels out most of the type advantage from Fighting types. That being said, I’m working toward a Primeape to see how well it performs.


Against Snorlax, it’s best to slug it out like an animal, and just use your army of 2,000 CP Vaporeons.

What about defending gyms?

Holding a gym has more to do with people contesting it than what Pokemon you put inside. That being said, you could at least set the conditions for leveling up your gym a possibility.

  1. A newly turned gym has two slots. Use the highest CP Pokemon to buy a little time for others on the same team to train it up.
  2. Use Snorlax. Nothing is more annoying than a gym full of them.
  3. If you’re filling the second slot, put in a weaker Pokemon with a terrible move set. Maybe use Parasect where a team mate can use type advantages to easily beat it with half the CP to get that 1000 prestige.


Putting together a late-game roster for the current meta

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