Parasect: a high utility Pokemon

TLDR; Use Parasect to take down Exeggutor, Vaporeon, Slowbro, and Starmie. Then you can put that same Parasect in the gym to train it up.

Parasect is really easy to get, because Paras is all over the place. But it turns out that Parasect has multiple uses in the current meta.

Parasect counters Exeggutor

Turns out that Parasect’s bug move set gives it a huge type bonus against Exeggutor.

  • Bug attacks do stacked bonus damage against Grass/Psychic.
  • Parasect, being Bug/Grass, gets stacked resistance to Solar Beam.

When you combine effectiveness and resistance, you get a fuzzy math type bonus of +28.5. Which is pretty high.


Although X-Scissor is not Parasect’s strongest DPS move, Bug Bite / X-Scissor is Parasect’s ideal move set against Exeggutor.

Parasect counters Vaporeon

In the latest episode of Pokemon Go Radio, they mentioned Tangela as a pure grass type for countering Water types. I’ve been using Tangela in a lot of my gym battles lately myself.

But if you don’t have a Tangela, Parasect is a good, common alternative.

  • Parasect’s Grass type is resistant to Water
  • Solar Beam, besides being powerful, is also super effective against Water
  • Bug Bite doesn’t really help you with type. But it does have a decent 15.6 EPS to quickly charge up that Solar Beam move.


Parasect’s Solar Beam move set also performs decently against these other Water types, across the majority of their move sets:

  • Slowbro
  • Starmie
  • Golduck

But against these Water types, you’ll need to pull out your 3 Veggies’s (Venusaur, Victreebel, Vileplume):

  • Blastoise
  • Poliwrath (Exeggutor is the ideal counter)

Parasect is one of the best trainer Pokemon

Also mentioned in the latest episode of Pokemon Go Radio, it’s more efficient to hold a gym and passively earn coins, rather than tearing down a gym to get that PikaDime every time.

While training, you get 1,000 prestige if you can beat your opponent using half the CP. And Parasect helps makes this possible.

Fire type moves do stacked type damage to Bug/Grass, and Fire type is resistant to Bug and Grass moves.

Same goes with Flying type.


This means anyone with a Pidgeot or Flareon with the right moves can easily get that 1,000 prestige when training against Parasect. This way you can train up a gym as efficiently as possible, while conserving potions.

This tactic does rely on high level team mates swinging by the gym before your Parasect gets knocked out though.

Check out this great explanation on Pokemon Go Radio episode 15 (starting at the 42min mark).


Parasect: a high utility Pokemon

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