Collecting 100 coins a day

TLDR; there are fewer potions and revives dropping. It’s now easier to hold territory, so grab a spot in as many gyms possible before they fill up.

After joining a bunch of different Facebook groups and paying attention to trainer names in gyms, I’ve realized that players are collecting 100 coins a day.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working toward that 100 coin goal. I’m not quite there (currently at 70), but here are my thoughts so far on what works and what doesn’t.

Avoid grinding away at contested gyms

Most people take down a low level gym on the way to/from work. Then they quickly cash in their Pika-dime and call it a day.

The problem with this is you’re stuck in a rat race. And you’re limited to a few dimes because you’ll lose gyms as fast as you can take them.

I live near a highly contested gym, and was able to raise it to level 10 a few times simply by opening up slots for drive-bys during rush hour. But even a level 10 gym won’t hold beyond a day or two.

Print out a map, and keep your eyes open

The best thing to do is to add yourself to a high level friendly gym. Your defender will probably last a few days if not weeks. Say that your defender lasts a week. That’s 70 coins and 3500 stardust — pretty good for one gym visit!

I ended up printing out a map and indicating which gyms are held by which team. Go to and click Settings to hide Pokestops. Each day, I make sure I pass by a new gym and take a screenshot.

Pretty soon, I was able to start finding high level friendly gyms.

Stop wasting Pokemon

In order to add your defender to a level 8 gym, you have to prestige it by 10,000. This means you need to win 10 battles using Pokemon with less than half the CP. This is totally possible because with the latest update, you don’t have to win with just one mon.

Even if you’re careful with dodging and leveraging type counters, you’ll eventually run out of potions. One way around this is to use everything you’ve got:

  • Use that bad IV Flareon with the wrong move set before you transfer it.
  • Forget the lucky egg, and evolve a steady stream of Pidgeottos and Ratticates for training up gyms.

I’ve been out of potions for weeks, and most of my Pokemon are dead. But as long as I use everything I catch, I can keep fighting indefinitely.

Fill every available spot, even if you’re not collecting

When a gym turns, you get 3 free slots:

  • First player raises the prestige to 2000, opening slot 2
  • Second player raises the prestige to 4000, opening up slot 3
  • Third player raises the prestige to 6000. Now you just need 2000 to reach level 4

Just by dropping off a mon, you’re raising the prestige by quite a bit. Plus, you’re making it harder to reach the gym leader (which gives attackers a 1500 prestige bonus).

If you’ve already collected your dimes, it’s tempting to turn a blind eye to open slots. I did this yesterday. I mean, we’re in a shortage of potions and revives. But adding your guy will help demoralize your opponents. More importantly, it gives your teammates hope, and they’ll start returning the favor when you need help reinforcing a gym.

Collecting 100 coins a day

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