Ideal movesets

Found a major flaw in my algorithm. I was using Damage over Time for the Charge Move (which is the right thing to do). But I was just using straight DPS for the Quick Move (which is wrong!)

Think about it. Say if you have a charge move that is 1/3 of the bar (like Outrage or Aqua Tail). A good portion of your time is locked into those charge move animations. So your quick move is not going to get a word in edgewise.

So this morning, I re-worked my formula so that it uses weave-damage-over-time. I’ll go over the maths in another post.

Anyway, here are the updated ideal movesets:

Tyranitar: Bite/Crunch [Edit: Dark/Stone Edge — thanks KingKwongg for the heads up]
(Iron Tail/Stone Edge is the best defender moveset… this is a topic for another article)
Best counter: Machamp with Counter/Dynamic Punch

Dragonite: Dragon Tail/Outrage
Best counter: Cloyster with Frost Breath/Avalanche

Snorlax: Zen Headbutt/Heavy Slam
Best Counter: Alakazam/Focus Blast. Surprised? It’s b/c Focus Blast gets type advantage, and it’s 1-bar so you can squeeze in more Confusion hits.

Rhydon: Mud Slap / Earthquake
Best Counter: Exeggutor with Bullet Seed / Solar Beam (Against Megahorn, Venusaur VW/SB is best)

Gyarados: Dragon Tail / Outrage (DT/HydroPump is actually quite close though)
Best Counter: Jolteon with Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt
(Note: In a recent post, I said Thunder Shock / Discharge was ideal. But I was wrong. Thunderbolt move duration lets you squeeze in more quick moves, enough to make it slightly better than Discharge.)

Blissey: Pound / Hyper Beam
Best Counter: Alakazam with Confusion / Focus Blast
(Note: In a recent post, I said Dragonite DT/O was the best. Again, I was wrong. Outrage ties you up in charge move animations, enough for Alakazam’s DoT to pull ahead)

Vaporeon: Water Gun / Hydro Pump
(Note: In a recent post, I said Aqua Tail was the best. Again, I was wrong. Those super frequent Aqua Tail animations takes too much away from Water Gun. Enough for Pump to pull in the lead.)

Donphan: Tackle / Earthquake
(Note: earlier, I said Tackle/Play Rough. Earthquake is slightly better because you can squeeze in more Tackles. Then again, Play Rough is 2 bars and harder to dodge. Nobody really cares about Donphan anyway… so whatever)
Best Counter: Cloyster with Frost Breath / Avalanche

Espeon: Confusion / FutureSight
Best Counter: Tyranitar with Bite/Crunch


Ideal movesets

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