Weave Damage over Time formula

So, here is the secret sauce that I use to calculate Damage over Time.

DPS for charge moves is super unreliable, because the charge move durations are super arbitrary. Compare Dragonite’s Outrage (2 x 110) versus Hurricane (1 x 110). Outrage does twice the damage per full bar. And yet Silph Road lists Hurricane as having higher DPS.

An analogy is how many water balloons can you throw in a minute? You need to count how long it takes to fill the balloon at the faucet, in addition to how long it takes to sail through the air.

So, the weave-damage-over-time is calculated as follows:

((quick move damage per cycle) + (charge move damage per cycle)) / (time it takes to charge the bar + time it takes to expend all charge moves)

Converting this to variables, you get:

((DPS x 100 energy / EPS) + (CMpower x number of bars)) / ((100 / EPS) + (CMduration x number of bars))

Refactor this to variables provided in the game master, and you get:

( ((QMpower / QMduration) x (100 x QMduration / QMnrg)) + (CMpower x 100 / CMnrg) ) / (( 100 x QMduration / QMnrg) + (CMduration x 100 / CMnrg))

Notice how 100 energy is all over the place. And so is QMduration. You can factor out these guys, and you get this pretty formula:

((QMpower/QMnrg) + (CMpower/CMnrg)) / ((QMduration/QMnrg) + (CMduration/CMnrg))

You can break out the individual DoT for QM and CM as follows:


(QMpower/QMnrg) / ((QMduration/QMnrg) + (CMduration/CMnrg))


(CMpower/CMnrg) / ((QMduration/QMnrg) + (CMduration/CMnrg))

This works, because:

(a + b) / c

is the same thing as:

a/c + b/c

If you stare at the formula for a while, a few concepts start to emerge:

  • Increases in either QMpower or CMpower helps your weave-DoT
  • If move duration takes forever, your weave-DoT suffers.
  • The more CMs per bar, the more weight is placed on the CM. (Since all you’re doing is casting CMs. Think Aqua Tail.)
  • The lower the EPS, the more weight is placed on QM (since you’re just spamming attacks, and never getting to cast anything. I’m looking at you, Venusaur)
Weave Damage over Time formula

One thought on “Weave Damage over Time formula

  1. Rob says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. You’ve saved me hours of time. This is exactly the formula I need for the spreadsheet I’m working on.


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