Meta Attackers when Dodging

TLDR; If you are good at dodging, you want to get Machamp and Exeggutor. Also, Jynx and Gengar have a place in the meta.

In my previous calculations, I assumed zero dodging as if attackers would get Hydro Pumped in the face very time.

After hearing reports from KingKwongg that Machamp is really good against Blissey, I started to wonder if it’s because of dodging.

I’m in the process of updating GoTypeChart to see what happens if you:

  • Don’t dodge
  • Dodge charge moves
  • Dodge everything

Turns out that two attackers emerge, the more you dodge.

Machamp – Counter / Dynamic Punch

You can use this against Blissey, Snorlax, and Tyrannitar. Time to change my buddy!

Machamp didn’t show up in the results because of Fairy and Psychic. But if you’re good at dodging, type vulnerability doesn’t matter as much.

Against Blissey/Snorlax, the best attackers are Alakazam, Dragonite, Machamp, and Flareon. But among these four, Machamp is arguably the best choice because he’s the only one with good stamina and good weave.

Exeggutor – Bullet Seed / Solar Beam

Previously, I recommended Venusaur. But if you dodge, Exeggutor pulls ahead.

So Exeggutor would be your counter for Rhydon and Vaporeon.

Other surprises

Jynx with Frost Breath and Avalanche is actually better than Cloyster if you dodge everything. Jynx hits harder with a higher base attack stat. And Cloyster’s defense is downplayed the more you dodge.

Gengar…….. I keep arguing with people on Facebook “don’t dust Gengar”. BUT… if you dodge everything, Gengar makes a decent all-around attacker. Gengar is almost never the optimal counter. But if you’re awesome at dodging and you had to choose only one Pokemon to blindly use in every situation, Gengar is that kind of attacker.

Pinsir. Surprisingly, Pinsir is slightly better than Scizor at countering Exeggutor (if you dodge everything, that is). Probably because Bug Bite is better than Fury Cutter. Sounds crazy, right? Still, nobody believes in Pinsir enough to dust him. And neither will I.

Final thoughts

Between Machamp and Exeggutor, you can take down most gym defenders. (Just need to add Jolteon, Cloyster, and Scizor, and all your bases are covered)

Meta Attackers when Dodging

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